We are always “above & beyond” with all our enthusiasm!

As MICE & Event Management Department, we provide an “above & beyond” experience to our guests rather than a “consumer” experience.

We believe that “creativity” and “efficiency” should be combined in a well-balanced program. Working with many different nationalities that have different cultural approaches, has provided us a different perspective which gives us the opportunity to include enhancements in our suggested programs.

We always search for the new and unique ideas and keep ourselves and our know-how up to date.

Having said above, we also understand that being “above & beyond” is not necessarily proportionate to the larger budgets.  Depending on our clients’ needs and the objectives of the travel program, we suggest unique travel experiences and “priceless moments” within a given budget.

You will feel our company motto of “Personalized Service at its Best” at each stage of a proposal. We will have one dedicated senior account manager assigned to a file from the proposal stage until final settlement of the invoice including 7/24 on-site operation.


We are ready to provide:

  • Recommendation about the destination selection
  • Recommendation for accommodation alternatives
  • Transportation
  • Venue selection and booking
  • Team building activities
  • AV and technical assistance
  • Security
  • Theming and décor
  • Assistance for custom clearance
  • Hospitality desk and staffing
  • Restaurant arrangements
  • Celebrity Speaker arrangements
  • Entertainment options


Our Approach

A well-planned event can do wonders for your organization ,at Plaza Tours, we consider your success to be our success, and we aim to exceed our clients’ expectations through event planning services tailored to each specific event or activity, including galas, award ceremonies, corporate retreats, media events, conferences, CSR activities and much more.


Our Experience

Plaza Tours is one of the leading companies in the field of events management services in the Middle East Region, with our 20 years’ experience in the field of the travel and tourism we could gain a professional vision about events arrangement requirements and our 10 past years serving the UN Agencies, NGO’s & International Firms have provided us with a good back ground about the main requirements of the NGO’s requests of Travel Services & Event’s Organizing.

We are easily handling between 25-60 event / month Inside & Outside Jordan covering all of the required arrangements starting from travel services, meeting venues bookings, lodgings, interpretation & AV Equipment , Translators & Document’s translation services, all types of documents & banners printing, secretarial, logistics assistance and ushers, catering service, and also we provide the events participants all transfers , visas and other logistics.

Plaza Tours is the only Travel Agent inside Jordan who is officially licensed to organize and handle events inside Jordan.

Plaza Tours is the only Travel Agent inside Jordan who has a dedicated department for Interpretation Service and translators as we are owning our own equipment’s.


Our Goal

Plaza Tours Management team boasts extensive experience in managing events from A to Z. our experienced staff start off with conducting background research and conceptualizing an event’s theme and format, we contract venues, draft budgets, third-party vendors and entertainment suppliers on the customer behalf and take a full responsibility on the quality of service by handling every detail in accordance with customer needs and expectations.


Our Capabilities

Our comprehensive event management and production capabilities allow our customer to customize their service packages from an array of consultation, logistical and technical services.

Our attributes combine a high level of creativity with a controlled and pragmatic approach to events management. We work directly with client’s ideas and preferences to deliver what is needed and when it is needed.


The Outcome

With us by your side, you will have a team of highly-skilled and trustworthy specialists on hand to organize, set up and manage any event. We push the boundaries to deliver memorable moments for our clients and their target audiences alike, priding ourselves on our unique ability to collaborate with major local, regional and international organizations on high-impact events. Building on our vast experience and track record of success, we have developed our own processes and methods of organization, allowing us to put together world-class events, shows and occasions that generate a lasting impression.


Translation & Interpreter equipment’s

Plaza Tours offer state-of-the-art interpretation and translation equipment including interpreter’s booths, microphones, headphones, transmitters, consoles and all related sound and audio components.

We will take care of every aspect of your needs from the technical set-up of all equipment to the provision of interpreters to the recording of proceedings.


Flexibility is a priority to us and we are aware that conferences and meetings come in all shapes and sizes. No matter how big or small your request we can ensure you get the interpreting equipment you need. From small scale business meetings to multilingual conferences, we have the first-hand experience to guarantee satisfaction.


Examples of the interpreting equipment and services you need and we supply are:

  • Soundproof Interpreting Booths – Our simple interpreter’s booths allow your conference interpreters to be tucked away discreetly.
  • Interpreter Consoles, Mixers, Recording Devices Available in many configurations to cover a wide range of conference/meeting formats.
  • Experienced Interpreting Equipment Technicians at the apex of their professions who set up, organize and monitor interpreting systems during meetings or conferences.
  • Delegate Units – Including microphones, headphones & voting systems for delegates & attendees.